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Our clients have unique needs and they expect top-level execution for all areas of their life.  Our clients, their family, and their associates have come to trust and rely on the team at Balance Point Client Services to deliver all their requests in the highest quality, best value, and always maintaining our clients' confidentiality.

For our select clientele we offer a range of elite client services that range from specialty project management to securing high-value and exclusive experiences.  An example of services we have available include:

  • Pre client arrival systems checks

  • Desired comforts ready on arrival

  • Holiday Decorations​

  • Staffing while in-residence

    • Reliable, vetted cleaning services​

    • International culinary teams

    • Fitness

  • Specialty item procurement ​​

  • Wellness, health, and fitness resources 

  • Special events & private parties

    • Planning, procurement, installations, staffing and execution

  • Aviation services

    • Gulfstream charters​

    • Staffing services

    • Alternate services

  • Security services

    • Qualified PSD & PDD​​ - Locally and in additional locations​​

    • Data security and management

  • Crisis management

  • Exclusive experiences

    • Sportsmen outings​

    • Off-piste adventures

    • Adventure sports

  • Client's personal team coordination ​

  • ​Personal assistant services​

  • Receivership services

  • ​Departure services​​
  • Systems management​​ when out of residence ​​

We are the go-to for our clients needs because we have a proven track record of delivering products or services that meet or exceed our clients expectations.  We can work with your existing teams or develop a team exclusively for you.  We fulfill the gap and needs beyond a property manager, we are your trusted team that execute to the highest level.  We either self-perform services above or have fully-vetted third-party contracts in place. 

The Balance Point team takes pride in our long-lasting relationships forged with our clients.  We are your partners for life. 


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