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The Next Generation of Bathtubs

Today’s leading-edge luxury bathtub designs are crafted with a calming connection to Mother Nature in mind.

Imagine dipping into a natural hot-spring pool in the forest, after a tough-yet-rewarding hike. Smooth rock, warm water, steam rising—it’s one of the most luxurious scenes of mountain life.

A high-end home in the Rocky Mountain West aims to bring this scene indoors to the most private and relaxing room of the home: the master bath. With large spaces dedicated to freestanding baths and uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape, well-designed master bathrooms in the mountains put their tubs on full display as the pinnacle of indulgence.

Today’s leading-edge luxury bathtub designs are carved out of the Earth’s natural elements, with a delicate balance of over-the-top lavishness and Mother Nature’s grit. Whether they’re crafted of sandstone, marble, granite—or scientifically designed with zero gravity in mind—these sleek tubs are pushing the envelop in the luxury department and are perfect contenders for your master-bath statement piece.

Mountain Life Magazine reveals their top tubs from gorgeous black granite to a smooth and circular sandstone soaking tub.

Need help deciding which bathtub is best for you? The team at Balance Point Construction specializes in renovating homes and can help transform your bathroom to serene space and assist with design details, like the perfect tub. Contact us to learn more.


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